Kham-ai Dejdoungtae's Works


Year: 1989
Technique : Wood Carving
Collection of Bangkok Sculpture Center : Jan, 2004
Concept: The work is one of the three art pieces in a collection inspired by classical Thai literature ‘Tribhumikatha’, also known as ‘Tri Bhumi Phra Ruang.’ This treatise on the Buddhist cosmology explains in great details the three planes of existence in Buddhist cosmology - Kama Bhumi (nether world), Rupa Bhumi (physical world) and Arupa Bhumi (ethereal world), as well as the good and bad deeds which drives each creature to come into existence in each world. According to tales about previous lives of Buddha, it is believed that the Buddha was once born as ‘Chattan, the Great Elephant’ of a mythical tropical jungle. In this life, he has made a great sacrifice and prayed before he died that he wishes to rebirth as the Enlighten One. Thanks to the meritorious deed he has committed, he was reborn as an angle in heaven, who later rebirths as the Buddha.
In this collection come three art pieces; 1. ‘The Extreme of Spiritual Contentment’; 2. ‘Chattan’ (this piece of art which expresses the beauty of leading one’s life by taking the Middle Path in doing things); and 3.‘The Extreme of Worldly Pleasure.’