Itthi Khongkhakul's Works


Year: 2003
Technique : Bronze
Size :  
Collection of Bangkok Sculpture Center : Feb, 2004
Concept: The sculptor transforms simple-shaped nails to a work of art. Two nails are used to symbolise the relationship of a couple.
The head of the nails symbolise human thought and mind which need privacy and freedom. The straight part, lower from the head until the middle, signifies that, for a long-lasting love life, both need to be disciplined and comply with rules. The intertwining part is a knot or a problem, which arises when one breaks the rules, making itnecessary for the other to compromise and forgive. The pointed sharp end of the nails show strong will and determination. If a couple can follow these principles, they will live a happy, peaceful and long-lasting love life.
The art piece uses Symbolism technique. Its horizontal positioning makes it unique, compared to other sculptures which usually stand vertically.