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   The Preservation of Khien Yimsiri's Works

1. To appraise and preserve the master art pieces of Khien Yimsiri, one of Thailand's leading sculptors known for harmoniously and gracefully incorporating Thai and modern art concepts.
2. To make a complete collection of the photos of the artist and his works, to compile articles from art critics as a potential source of materials in writing a book, and to reproduce lost art pieces.
3. To promote the master's life and works to the public by organising exhibitions featuring the complete collection of his works.


Project President
  M.R. Naree Yimsiri
Sawat Tantisuk
Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin
Chamrueng Vichienkhet
Sculpture Director
Khanongnuch Yimsiri
Project Management Director
Sermkhun Kunawong



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