Manop Suwanpinta's Works


Year: 1999
Technique : Bronze
Size: 14 x 20 x 12 cm.
Edition: 1/9
Collection of Bangkok Sculpture Center : March, 2002
Concept : Man is, in fact, just a minuscule element in the inestimable greatness of nature. However, man tries to struggle out from being detained in one’s limited world by creating a simulated world of one’s great being. He, then, begins to see it as real and loses his morale, kindness and compassion. Greed, corruption, cheat, using limited public resources for one’s own benefits, destroying or taking advantages of the weaker, cruelty and brutality are all built up from selfishness and self delusion. These characteristics are a normal nature of ordinary human beings and animals. However, when it comes to human being, one can make it worse by causing calamity to the general public, or even destroy the world in which he lives because of his selfishness and cleverness.